Crimson Crisp apple

Crimson Crisp (also styled ‘CrimsonCrisp’) is a deep red apple, with a fine, crisp, firm, juicy flesh, a well-appreciated subacid flavor, and good storage quality.

CrimsonCrisp is actually the trademarked marketing name of the variety ‘Co-op 39’, patented in 2006 by the Purdue Research Foundation (USPP16622P3), a breed developed by the cooperative apple breeding program of the Indiana, Illinois, and New Jersey experiment stations.

Crimson Crisp performed excellently, ranking second place, at our midseason 2018 tasting of 77 apple varieties grown by the Monterey Bay of California. It had more middling rankings in our tastings of midseason 2019 and 2022, but was still marked as a favorite apple of some tasters each time. Our casual rating methodology is discussed in some depth here.

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