A Visit to Ken’s Bobcat Ridge Avocado Farm

Following our fascinating extended tour of Pacific Berry Breeding, a dozen of us with the afternoon free reconvened at chapter secretary Ken Konviser’s Bobcat Ridge homestead avocado farm for a tasty potluck lunch and tour of his gardens.

Jujubes, autumn olives, and muscadines brought by CRFG members to sample at the potluck

At Ken’s hillside farm with a broad view overlooking the valleys of Corralitos and out to the bay, and beyond his tidy rows of terraced vegetables and healthy small orchard of numerous avocado varieties for market, we also enjoyed examining some of the more exotic specimens that he’s planted.

'Hass' avocado
Developing fruits on ‘Hass’ avocado

A particular highlight was basking under the canopy in the sweet blossom fragrance of Ken’s oldest cherimoya tree, one he planted about 20 years ago. Ken’s cherimoyas are the envy of many who have tasted them.

Ken Konviser and a cherimoya tree he planted 20 years ago at his Bobcat Ridge avocado farm
In the canopy of mature cherimoya


Guaje (Leucaena leucocephala), a Mimosa relative whose young pods are used in various cuisines
We’re still trying to find the mango that thrives in our area…
White sapote (Casimiroa edulis) tree with ample hanging fruit
Beautiful foliage on potted cassava (ID?) plant
‘Fukushu’ kumquat with its distinctive rounded leaves
White guava
Variegated calamondin
Chestnut tree shades the potting bench

Thank you Ken, for hosting us at your beautiful gardens, and for all you do for the local CRFG!

5 Replies to “A Visit to Ken’s Bobcat Ridge Avocado Farm”

  1. Bravo Kenny!
    Thanks for the pictures Andy, I caught the great pot-luck, but had to miss the tour; so glad I got to see something of Kenny’s place these days. Hard-working guy with a really good heart, it shows so clearly in his garden.

    1. Yeah Freddy, that was my first time up there, and I was super impressed by not just Ken’s lovely trees but also how tidy and square he keeps his terraced veg rows. Not easy to pull that off when you’re working against gravity!

  2. Ken,

    Thanks for hosting the potluck. Sorry we have to leave early and missed the tour.


    Thanks for summarizing the potluck for us.


  3. Surprised and delighted to find this special report about you, Kenny! Remembering the feel of the air and the sun and the beauty there!

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